Q?Do I need to top 10 contender to join Cotswold Veldrijden?

No, you just need to have the enthusiasm to want to race cyclocross, be part of a big team, promote the team, help out and have fun.

Q?Will you be promoting any events?

We hope to promote some events in 2013, a CX sportif in the early part of the year and a CX evening series late summer are 2 that have been talked about.

Q?Will you be traveling abroad to race or watch any events?

Yes we will be going to Belgium to watch the Koppenberg cross in Oudenaard on the 1st of November. We are also looking for a races in Belgium that fit around the Wessex league events.

Q?Will you be targeting particular races or leagues?

Yes we target mainly Wessex league cyclocross, however a few riders will be targeting the national trophy series.

Q?How did you decide on the web address & what does it mean?

Watch any Belgian cyclocross race and as the riders start the last lap you will see someone hold out a sign that says Laatste Ronde, it also appears as an icon on the TV screen. It simply means last lap. The CX is the abbreviation for cyclocross and is the international internet domain name suffix for the Christmas Islands!

Q?How do I join Cotswold Veldrijden?

The club welcomes all members no matter what  ability, experience or age. Simply complete the membership form at this link and return with a cheque to:-

Cotswold Veldrijden

33 Bosworth road
Grange park
Cheques made out to : Cotswold Veldrijden


Q?How do you pronounce Veldrijden & what does it mean?

Veldrijden, pronounced  felt-raid-en is the Flemish word for cyclocross.